5 Reasons you Should own a Peloton

5 Reasons you Should own a Peloton

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That’s it, I’m formally declaring myself a ‘Peloton wife.’ Am I married? Nope. Do I almost obsessively hop on my Peloton weekly? Sure do! Just a little over three months in and I’m already addicted. I’m currently 67 rides in and I’m already planning to hit my next milestone of 75 rides this weekend. And, considering the uncertainty of the world around us, I love that if nothing else going for a ride will melt away a lot of my fears and uncertainties, if just for a moment. In fact, these past few weeks of increasing fears over COVID-19 have only made me realize why I appreciate my Peloton so much, here are 5 of my top reasons why you should join the ride.

Amazing Instructors

First off, I have to shout out all of the amazing instructors that wake up every day and motivate thousands of people to be better and try harder on and off the bike. My go-to instructors are Ally Love, Cody Rigsby, and Emma Lovewell. I usually turn to a different instructor depending on my mood. For example, I was feeling very frustrated with one of the people in my life. So, to relieve some of that stress I tuned in to a Sundays with Love ride from this past winter. I can’t stress this enough, it was exactly what I needed. The workout challenged me and her words made me realize how important it is to live in the moment. Something, that’s easily forgotten when you’re going through the motions of life. I promise after you’ve ridden for just a few classes, you’ll definitely figure who best suited for you.  

Variety of Classes

Secondly, you’ll never get bored with a Peloton workout. There are so many classes available, some of which you don’t even need access to the bike. I haven’t explored many of the other activities Peloton does offer, but I have a few cardio, meditation and post-ride stretch’s bookmarked for the future. 

Live and Archived Classes

Thirdly, as I briefly mentioned previously Peloton has a wide variety of classes, all of which are archived. So if you miss I live session and your afraid you might have missed out on a great workout, there’s no need to fear because you can check in on your own time. Another great thing about that is that it also marks whos actively in the class with you and you can flip through the current leaderboard and the leaderboard for the overall class. 

Great Playlists

Alright, a big hook for me was the music. Luckily for me, I like a bit of everything, but when I hear a song from up and coming artists that I love or just an absolute banger it does make classes 1000x more fun. One of my favorite rides was the Lizzo ride with Robin Arzon, you’ll be bopping along to the better of this perfectly curated playlist you won’t even notice your working out. Another one of my favorite classes is Emma Lovewell’s Listening Party. I’ve discovered a lot of new artists with a cool groovy sound that I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise. So if your looking for good music that carries through rides this is definitely the bike for you. 

Encouraging Community

Lastly, its the community. I really had a chance to experience that during that last Peloton ride at there old studio with Robin Arzon. So many people tuned in live and light up the leaderboard with high-fives, which are used for encouragement along throughout the session. Afterward, I took to their Instagram and read through so many comments. So many people mentioned how Peloton has changed their lives over the past few years. After reading through those messages, I’ve also come to realize how much of a positive influence Peloton has made in my life, hopefully, if you’re considering getting one, you’ll be able to experience that too.  

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